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FICTION: Pumpkin Jack by Nigel Quinlan

They picked me to race Pumpkin Jack on Halloween night. It shouldn’t have been me. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. They picked my big brother last year. Joe went out and he raced Pumpkin Jack while we sat in our house, huddled together and crying, listening to the screams from the street outside.… Continue reading FICTION: Pumpkin Jack by Nigel Quinlan

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INTERVIEW: Nigel Quinlan

About Nigel: Nigel Quinlan is the author of The Cloak of Feathers and The Maloneys’ Magical Weatherbox. He lives in Tipperary with his family and a dog and lots of books. SK: Hi Nigel, thanks for giving us an interview. Your most recent book The Cloak of Feathers is one of our books of the… Continue reading INTERVIEW: Nigel Quinlan

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SHORT STORY: Mushephant by Nigel Quinlan

Mum and Dad hated baby's favourite toy. They hated it so much. Whenever they made each other cups of hot tea and sat close together at the kitchen table, all they talked about was how much they hated baby's favourite toy. ‘It's so loud!’ Dad said. ‘That song it plays!’ said Mum. ‘Over and over… Continue reading SHORT STORY: Mushephant by Nigel Quinlan