Illustrated by Katie Squires

– What we are looking for –

Storgy Kids welcomes previously unpublished original short fiction in any genre.

Short fiction here means between 1,000 and 5,000 words. A few words either side won’t matter as long as your story is brilliant and well edited. We are looking to be amazed, thrilled, amused and engaged not necessarily all at once.

The genre doesn’t matter. Children’s and YA fiction isn’t snooty about what is considered “good”. A space odyssey is just as legitimate as a ghost story which is no better than a well written piece about the everyday life of a kid being bullied. The ordinary and everyday can sit alongside the magic and fantastical. They all must be great.

Your work should be appropriate for the age group you are writing for. That doesn’t mean shying away from difficult, issues but those issues must be dealt with in an age appropriate way. If you’re not sure what that means this isn’t the place to find out.

We want professionals. Even if you haven’t yet been published that’s the approach we want to see. As such, we don’t care about your age. Younger writers are welcome to submit, but everyone will be treated in the same way, unless we are running an age specific competition, which will be dealt with under different guidelines.

We are unable to offer feedback on your stories. The demand on editors is high and, unfortunately, we don’t have time to give individual feedback. Editing is a subjective thing but do know that we read everything that comes in and consider your work seriously. A ‘no’ might just mean it is not for us. You may have luck elsewhere. Every writer worth their salt has been rejected (many times).


– Writers the editors love –

– What we are not looking for –

We don’t want the first chapter of your middle grade or YA novel because you can’t get it published. Stories should be standalone pieces. That doesn’t mean they can’t have a cliff-hanger or leave questions in the reader’s mind, but these should be adding to the enjoyment of the story, leaving the reader wanting more, not short changed because the story has come to an abrupt end. Nothing overly violent, though there is more leeway with YA submissions. Nothing sexual, even for YA – romantic yes; erotic no. Gross is acceptable as long as it has a purpose in the story. Grand standing on social issues of the day: no. By all means be political, be diverse in your characterization, but the story must come first.

– Submission guidelines –

Word count: 1,000 to 5,000 words

Format: Standard manuscript format – Times New Roman or Garamond 12, double line spaced

Name and pen name (if different), contact details and word count on the first page. Surname and title in the page header.

Stories must be previously unpublished, including on personal blogs and websites.

The work submitted should be the author’s own.

Your text should be thoroughly edited – no first or second drafts – good writing is rewriting.

Simultaneous submission is fine, but we’d appreciate you letting us know if you are accepted elsewhere.


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