Short Stories

Illustration by Katie Squires

We are passionate at STORGY Kids to provide children a safe space to enjoy reading, writing and finding short stories that will be entertaining, engaging and help to inspire young minds. We will be publishing short stories from published authors whilst also publishing short fiction by children for children.


We will also look to be adding videos of children reading short stories, whilst also allowing space for Lex or resident dragon and others who have a passion for reading to take part in the process – with the possibility of video submissions from all over the world.

So if you are a young person with a passion for telling stories please do send us your words.

If you are a published author and would like to send us a short story you have knocking about we would also love to hear from you too, and so would your legions of fans we presume. We hope that this site will become the go to resource for Children’s fiction and having exclusive content will help us achieve this goal.

pow-1601674_960_720– Pork Pie Superguy –

by Daniel Soule

Matt jumped thirty feet from one building to the next. The landing was textbook, putting him right in the middle of Magneto’s henchmen. Claws bared, shoulders set, head down, Matt got to work, kicking and punching and slashing with his bone claws. He even grabbed the biggest of the mutants by the arm and launched him in a beautiful curving flight over his shoulders, slamming him into the concrete roof of the apartment block.

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– Mushephant –

by Nigel Quinlan

Mum and Dad hated baby’s favourite toy. They hated it so much. Whenever they made each other cups of hot tea and sat close together at the kitchen table, all they talked about was how much they hated baby’s favourite toy. ‘It’s so loud!’ Dad said. ‘That song it plays!’ said Mum. ‘Over and over…

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Eva (aged 7) reading her short story ‘The Girl With the Special Heart’.


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