Short Stories

Illustration by Katie Squires

We are passionate at STORGY Kids to provide children a safe space to enjoy reading, writing and finding short stories that will be entertaining, engaging and help to inspire young minds. We will be publishing short stories from published authors whilst also publishing short fiction by children for children.


We will also look to be adding videos of children reading short stories, whilst also allowing space for Lex or resident dragon and others who have a passion for reading to take part in the process – with the possibility of video submissions from all over the world.

So if you are a young person with a passion for telling stories please do send us your words.

If you are a published author and would like to send us a short story you have knocking about we would also love to hear from you too, and so would your legions of fans we presume. We hope that this site will become the go to resource for Children’s fiction and having exclusive content will help us achieve this goal.

pow-1601674_960_720– Pork Pie Superguy –

by Daniel Soule

Matt jumped thirty feet from one building to the next. The landing was textbook, putting him right in the middle of Magneto’s henchmen. Claws bared, shoulders set, head down, Matt got to work, kicking and punching and slashing with his bone claws. He even grabbed the biggest of the mutants by the arm and launched him in a beautiful curving flight over his shoulders, slamming him into the concrete roof of the apartment block.

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– Mushephant –

by Nigel Quinlan

Mum and Dad hated baby’s favourite toy. They hated it so much. Whenever they made each other cups of hot tea and sat close together at the kitchen table, all they talked about was how much they hated baby’s favourite toy. ‘It’s so loud!’ Dad said. ‘That song it plays!’ said Mum. ‘Over and over…

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– The Seasick Sea Serpent –

By Gene. J. Parola

Harry Honu opened one sleepy eye to see what was making so much  fuss on the beach next to him.

The latest wave was slipping back from the sand leaving a little necklace of foam around something that was wiggling and coughing and…stuff was coming out of its mouth.

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space dog

– Finnegan The Astrodog –

By Michael Stevens

Finnegan the dog was thinking about the meaning of life, and of lamb chops.

Freeze-dried lamb chops, that is. Finnegan was an astrodog, you see. That’s like an astronaut. Except a dog. Living on a spaceship as a specially-chosen astrodog on a mission to Mars, you get used to freeze-dried stuff. Lamb chops were best. At least, Finnegan thought so.

Padding along a corridor, he sighed and tried to think other thoughts. Of having a nice scratch. Or of Commander Pete, his owner, who was the very best kind of human. But he kept returning to lamb chops. And when he did, he began to drool.

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– The Lostling –

By Daniel Soule

A streetlamp flickered. Under the lamppost stood an old red phone box. In the old red phone box a black telephone was ringing.

Down the street came a boy. No one knew his name, or if they ever did they had forgotten it along with the boy. His clothes didn’t fit him well—his coat was too big, his trousers too short. Dirt tried to gather under his fingernails, even though he had bitten them to the quick. He was filthy. He scratched from lice and carried a newspaper for packing under his clothes if the weather turned cold. He was heading to one of his spots—a cardboard box and a plastic sheet, hidden beneath a tumbledown railway bridge as forgotten as he was.

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First Airborne Badge001

– Shroom Raider –

By Andrew Murray

We were delighted to serialise the first seven chapters of this amazing young adult book written by the fabulous Andrew Murray – below are links to each of the seven chapters…enjoy! We are hoping that through our publicity and the sheer brilliance of this work that it will soon find a home with a publisher and everyone can discover this beauty for themselves and we can find out what happened to those brave soldiers!

Chapter 1 – here
Chapter 2 – here
Chapter 3 – here
Chapter 4 – here
Chapter 5 – here
Chapter 6 – here
Chapter 7 – here


– Pumpkin Jack –

By Nigel Quinlan

They picked me to race Pumpkin Jack on Halloween night. It shouldn’t have been me. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. They picked my big brother last year. Joe went out and he raced Pumpkin Jack while we sat in our house, huddled together and crying, listening to the screams from the street outside. It should have been some other kid from some other family this year. Not us. Not me.

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grimcracks exit

– Grimcrack’s Fantastic Galactic Mercantile –

By Paul Stansbury

“Waddya going to disappoint Mom with this year?” Shereen taunted Jackie with a high whiny voice. “Not some smelly perfume like last year, I hope.”

“Nah, I bet he’ll get her some more earrings that will turn her ears green like the year before,” chuckled Vernon. “They had to call Hazmat to get rid of those things.”

“Not so,” shouted Jackie, holding back hot tears. He could feel his cheeks turning bright crimson. All the while, Shereen and Vernon laughed as he grew more agitated. “She’s just waiting for something special to wear them with.”

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– What Mummies Are Made Of –

By Stephanie Hutton

They can’t find us a new mummy, so we decide to make our own.

We live with Aunty Linda – who is not really our Aunty – in a tidy house that we pretend is ours.

The social worker says ‘it’s taking a long time because we are trying to find just the right mummy for you both.’ Kai, who is two years older than me, says they can’t find any mummies because we are not babies, and because I haven’t talked since our old mummy went away forever.

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 – The Girl With the Special Heart –

By Eva Jeffery (aged 8)


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