STORGY Kids is an online magazine for children and young people. It was started by a bunch of kids who unfortunately had to turn into grown-ups. We love stories, writing and reading and want to bring those things together in a safe, welcoming and encouraging environment. We will publish the best short stories we can find for 8 to 12-year-old readers, whilst also providing a space for Young Adult fiction too, as well as book reviews and interviews with authors.

There aren’t many places to find amazing short stories for kids online and for free – we are stepping up to the plate to provide this much needed resource, that we hope kids, parents, schools and others can enjoy and find pleasure in. We wholeheartedly believe that children’s fiction writers and those young people will very much enjoy a space dedicated to such a resource!

Storgy Kids is a celebration of great writing. It is a place to find stories by great new writers, as well as read magical short stories and interviews from more established authors. We will publish book reviews of new and old books, to help you find the next best seller or rediscover something brilliant but old, like your gran!

Short stories are between 1,000 to 5,000 words long, whereas a children’s novel like Matilda is about 50,000 words, whilst Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was a whopping 200,000 words. There’s a big difference, but short stories aren’t any less amazing. A short story can be sharp and intense, funny or emotional, magic and fantastic, futuristic or historical. They can be anything the imagination can create. Even though they don’t take as long to read sometimes they are even more memorable than books.

So, dear reader, prepare to be amazed, thrilled, amused, excited, shocked, maybe even scared. Prepare to be astonished. Prepare for Storgy Kids…

The Motley Crew

Ross Jeffery
Executive Director and Editor in Chief for STORGY Kids


Words I like:
Notwithstanding – because it looks very impressive and also it’s three words in one that put together make one monster word, like a word Transformer or a Power Ranger.
Raconteur – I just love the way it sounds when you say it.

Words I dislike:
FlipFlop – I don’t know why it’s a word that just rubs me up the wrong way.
Receive – Because it doesn’t matter how many times I write it I always spell it wrong.

What I’m scared of:
Anything bad happening to my wife or children, and if Spiders were involved in the bad thing that would just finish me off, big, small, hairy…if it has eight legs and an arachnid I’m out!

Favourite Children’s books:
Boy & The Twits – By Roald Dahl are books I very much enjoyed as a child, his storytelling is magical and I think reading these books as a child gave me a perfect grounding to see the world around me.
Not Now, Bernard – by David McKee is a book I read until I wore out my copy, then I had to borrow one from a library (do you remember those places) and now as an adult I bought myself a copy, I said it was for my children, but it was really for me…and now it’s a story I read to my two girls and it just has a very special place in my heart.
Who Let The Gods Out? (series) – by Maz Evans is blooming brilliant – It’s new but I love them!

Daniel Soule
Executive Director & Editor in Chief for STORGY Kids


Words I like:
Ambergris – Because it’s totally gross (Whale puke). People make very expensive perfume from it. So when rich people are spraying themselves with over priced perfume, they are also covering themselves in whale puke!
Haberdashery – Because it feels nice to say it.

Words I dislike:
Stupid and Can’t 

What I’m scared of:
I heard a great saying once ‘Do you know what’s on the other side of fear? Nothing.’ I’m a dad, so the only thing that scares me is something happening to my kids. As a kid I was scared of ghosts and the dark places in cupboards and attics.

Favourite Children’s Books:
Matilda – by Roald Dahl. This book meant a lot to me as a kid and I’ve read it to my daughter at least three times and she loves it too. Matilda was the first book I bought with my own money, when it first came out. I still remember buying it as a hardback book. It was the first book I read through all by myself, I was 10. As a boy I was very dyslexic and it was very hard for me to read. I really wanted to be able to read and spell like everyone else, and reading was Matilda’s superpower. I wanted reading to be my superpower, but it never was.
The Graveyard Book – by Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite now -it’s an amazing adventure.
Why Whales Came – by Michael Morpurgo is my other favourite – its not a long story but so much is packed into those pages in such a powerful way, a very moving story.

LEX the Dragon

3b98e594-fa0c-4450-b827-a4ea87f429a3Illustrated by Katie Squires

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