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SHORT FICTION: The Horse and the Unicorn by Sophie Crockett

Olivia was a little girl who lived in a large old house in the country, the house had been in Olivia’s family for generations but the best part was that it came with its very own forest, lake and beautiful gardens.

Olivia’s best friend was an amazing chestnut horse who was called Lady, Lady was incredibly pretty and loved nothing more than admiring herself in the lake, she loved to flick her mane from one side of her neck to the other and she loved showing off to Olivia and her friends by dancing for them, trotting and galloping as fast as she could much to the merriment of the children who all clapped and cheered Lady on.

One delightful sunny day Lady was grazing in the field near the large house she was eating the long, wild grass that was tipped with lovely dew when she suddenly saw a white horse in her field!

Lady didn’t like the idea of another horse in her field especially one that looked as pretty as this one so she went to see who the intruder was, she run up to the white horse and couldn’t believe what she saw, the white horse was not a horse at all but a unicorn!

The unicorn glowed and glimmered, glitter seemed to flow from her body and light seem to shine all around her, Lady stood in awe at the beauty of this amazing creature.

“What is your name?” asked Lady

“My name is Moonlight Shimmer” replied the unicorn

“You are beautiful” whispered Lady

“Thank you, young filly but beauty isn’t everything” answered the unicorn as she started to walk away.

Lady thought that Moonlight Shimmer was more beautiful than anything she had ever seen, she did not like the thought that there was another creature as lovely as she was, Lady was very upset about this and thought about what she could do, then she had an idea.

Lady quickly caught up with Moonlight Shimmer and asked her if she would make her a unicorn, Moonlight Shimmer turned around and looked at Lady and said

“Yes I can, but please remember that unicorns are rarely seen by humans, we live in a totally seperate realm unknown to the humans, if you become a unicorn then you must say goodbye to your little girl.”

Lady thought about what the unicorn had just said but made the decision that being beautiful was more important than anything else in the world, so she asked Moonlight Shimmer to turn her into a unicorn.

Moonlight Shimmer gently shook her beautiful head but she waved her golden horn and a bright, piercing light shone from all around, Lady seemed to be engulfed with light, she had been turned into a unicorn!

Lady looked at her beautiful body, it seemed to shimmer in the sunlight, she quickly ran to the lake to look at her reflection, she couldn’t believe how stunning she was, she trotted and pranced around she was so happy.

“Oh thank you, thank you Moonlight Shimmer, I have never been so beautiful” said Lady

Moonlight Shimmer looked at Lady and nodded her head

“remember if you ever want to turn back, just call my name”

“I never want to go back, I love the way I am now” replied Lady

Moonlight Shimmer had disappointment in her eyes and with one last look at Lady she disappeared from Earthly sight. A few hours past and Lady had spent that time admiring her reflection in the lake when Olivia suddenly appeared, Lady couldn’t wait to show Olivia how beautiful she was now so she quickly ran over to her but a strange thing happened Olivia totally ignored her!

“Lady, Lady” shouted Olivia, but Olivia could not see Lady and walked straight past her.

Olivia started to panic, where had Lady gone?

“Lady, Lady” she cried with tears streaming from her eyes “where have you gone?”

“I’m here, I’m here Olivia” shouted Lady

But Olivia could not see her, she ran from the field she felt so upset that she could barely think,her best friend had seemed to have totally vanished!

Lady watched Olivia run away and started to feel very unhappy

“I choose beauty over my friend” she said “I feel ashamed”

Lady slowly walked over to the lake and again looked at her reflection, indeed she was incredibly beautiful but she was incredibly lonely, she knew what she had to do.

“Moonlight Shimmer please come to me” she cried

Moonlight Shimmer quickly appeared before her “Yes Lady?” she asked

“Please turn me back to my chestnut self, I want my friend back” whispered Lady

Moonlight Shimmer smiled and nodded her gentle head and again as before Lady was engulfed with light but this time she had turned back into her old self.

A few moments later Olivia came back to the field to look for Lady again and there she was in the middle of the field! as soon as Lady saw Olivia she quickly ran to her and they embraced, Lady had a warm feeling in her heart “nothing is more important than friendship” she thought.


Sophie Crockett

Sophie lives in an ex-mining village in the South Wales valleys, she suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and other mental illness; despite this she is a qualified counsellor, children’s counsellor, cognitive behavioural therapist and mindfulness therapist.

Sophie loves writing whimsical, delightful stories for children to increase the child’s imagination and always encourages them to step into a magical world where she hopes a love of reading will be installed in them forever.

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