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BOOK REVIEW: Bad Nana: That’s Snow Business! by Sophy Henn

– Short Review –

Sophy Henn brings us another instalment of Bad Nana and Jeanie – our wonderfully plucky and fully realised protagonist. This time there is excitement about a Winter Wonderland Variety Show – all the town are invited to audition, Jeanie is very excited until she discovers that Bad Nana and her friend Bobby Truelove have something up there sleeves that threatens to derail the whole show. This time Jeanie has to channel her inner Bad Nana to get one over her and her friend and save the day! As they say… the show must go on!

– Longer Review –

There is something truly special about picking up a Sophy Henn Bad Nana story.

Each book is a work of art, beautifully created and just a joy to behold. Vibrant and fresh and irresistibly moreish – and that’s just Sophy Henn’s prose, which is funny, engaging and more often than not serves a greater cause, they read like fables – informing and teaching its readers through the art of storytelling!

With Bad Nana: That’s Snow Business,  Jeanie is faced with a very difficult choice after her Nana takes over the community variety show with her friend Bobby Truelove – each harbouring a desire to be the star performer, so in turn these two friends set about sabotaging each other, and when that doesn’t work they turn their plotting on the other acts and then the whole event. They set about hiding the hula hoopers hoops, changing the juggling balls for water balloons, even bunging up the recorders so the girl who plays them with her nose, grows a tomato shade of red. It’s all so Bad Nana and Bobby Truelove can get their well deserved time in the spotlight and finally prove to each other and everyone watching who is the very best.

But what they failed to realise is that with their desire to show off, to stitch of the acts up, they’ve only ended up damaging the very thing they wanted to be a part of, making the variety show a shambles.

Jeanie decides she’s had enough of this childish and selfish behaviour and with the help of her friends she sets about pulling a prank on Bad Nana which is very Bad Nana-ish prank (so she wouldn’t be that mad when she finds out… could she?). So, Jeanie and her friends decide to pile all the snow that has fallen over the town up against Bad Nana and Bobby Truelove’s windows – so when they wake up and look out the window they’d think the snow was too deep and too dangerous to venture out. And with them locked inside, it would give Jeanie and her friends time to find all the acts and get the show back on the road.

Everything’s back on track and going fine until the doors to the hall open and a very soggy and a very cold Bad Nana and Bobby Truelove come storming into the hall. Jeanie is faced with being an instant adult and sets about telling both Bad Nana and Bobby off – and in turn saving the day.

It’s a great story that shows the all too familiar example of parents (or grandparents) for that matter, trying to live their lives through their children (or grandchildren) – and Sophy Henn smashes the ending out of the park!

A hilarious addition to the series and with the iconic, fabulously bold, and colourful artwork littered throughout, it turns this book into a true page turner. Every page is littered with illustrations and delightfully crafted prose – all these aspects work in harmony to create a story that is as brilliant for young minds as it is old – giving parents a thing or two to remember when it comes to dabbling in their children’s hobbies!

Sophy Henn

Sophy Henn is the acclaimed picture book maker behind Where Bear?, Pass It On, Edie, and the adorable Pom Pom series. She studied at Camberwell and Central Saint Martins, and is a graduate of the MA in Sequential Illustration at the University of Brighton. Her debut Where Bear?, was shortlisted for the AOI Illustration Awards 2014 and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2015. Her subsequent titles have gone on to great success, and Sophy was chosen as the World Book Day illustrator in 2015.

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The Bad Nana series is published by HarperCollinsChildren’s and is available here.


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