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BOOK REVIEW: Granny Magic by Elka Evalds

– Short Review –

Packed with knitting, grannies, magic and a sprinkling of villainy this book follows the tale of Will as he unravels the secrets kept by his late grandmother.  Why is someone trying to buy up all her old knitting and what exactly is going on in the old wool factory? With the help of her old knitting group, he comes to realise that his gran’s woollies have magical powers and now he has to fight to make sure that they don’t fall into the wrong hands.
If you enjoy a madcap tale with the humour of Timmy Failure and mystery of A Place Called Perfect you’ll enjoy this.

– Longer Review –

Will’s gran has recently passed away and there’s a lot of her knitting to be sorted out.  Yep Will’s gran was a cuddly knitting granny who didn’t have a lot else going on, or so they thought.
When the mysterious Mr Fitchet starts trying to buy up all her old knitting from the local charity shop it appears that there’s more to gran’s knitting than meets the eye.  What is the golden yarn than runs through it all and why does Will’s jumper seem to change size to fit whoever’s wearing it?  Even more bizarrely, why is it that the loo roll cover can help you find stuff?
It’s not until Will delves deeper and meets his gran’s friends, from her knitting circle, that he starts to learn the truth behind his gran’s magical knits.  A truth that Jasper Fitchet already knows and is trying to turn to his advantage – he’s setting up production in the old wool factory and churning out clothes that can change people’s moods.
Most importantly he’s trying to uncover the source of the magical golden wool that Granny used.  When the knitting circle and Fitchet realise the significance of her planned holiday to the Isle of Man the race is on to harvest a new crop of wool.
Inconveniently the “golden fleece” is ready at the exact time the TT race is due to be run on the island.  Cue motorcycle madness, magical socks that can span oceans and a baa-rilliant battle to secure the sparkly wool.
As fits tradition, Jasper is made to see the error of his ways and everything ends cuddly ever after but this book will change the way you see knitting (and Grandmas) forever more!
It’s sparkly cover and witty illustrations just add to the fun!
Granny Magic is published by Chicken House Books and is available here.

Elka Evalds

Elka Evalds grew up in America, and began her career as a museum assistant. She earned a PhD in art history from Yale University, and became a university lecturer. She’s lectured in architectural history, the history of dress, medieval art, and the history of illustrated books for children. In 2015 she came to the UK, and completed an MA in creative writing for children at Bath Spa University in 2016. She lives in Gloucestershire with her husband.
Reviewed by Angela Paull

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