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BOOK REVIEW: Children’s Ghost Stories by Andrew Murray

– Short Review –

This could quite possibly be one of the best books at introducing horror or ghosts stories to children or inquisitive younger minds. Murray deals with a range of stories, including his own marvellously spooky offerings, whilst also retelling some classics such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Ghost of King Hamlet and A Christmas Carol, plus some brilliant Spooky Jokes and a sneak peak at Fear Rescue a new series from this quite brilliant voice in children’s fiction – Children’s Ghost Stories is a delightfully rich encounter and one that will have young minds laughing, fearing and engaging with all things that go bump in the night.

– Longer Review –

Children’s Ghost Stories by Andrew Murray is a brilliant little read, geared at the younger reader and introduces them superbly into the world of ghost stories. These aren’t tales of ghouls or macabre beasts, they’re more like snapshots into the dark forest or an open cupboard at bedtime, all from the safety of your bed.

Murray is versed in writing creepy little tales and has created a brilliant series of books called Ghost Rescue, which we’ve reviewed here on STORGY Kids previously – they follow the life of Charlie who’s been tasked with helping ghosts in trouble, if you want laughs and jokes and a perfect introduction into Murray’s brilliance at writing for this audience and this genre then grab yourself book one and dive on in… you won’t be disappointed.

Murray has curated a splendid blend of new and old, taking the reader back with the retelling of three fabulous ghost stories, which will enchant the younger reader as he has reimagined (or retold) these in his own unique and beguiling style and fret not, they are told with a real readability and are considerably shorter than the originals (he quite clearly has the younger reader in mind here). Then we have a couple of his Ghost Rescue books thrown into the mix too – including a sneak preview of Book Five ‘Ghost Rescue and the Horrible Hound‘ and if that wasn’t enough Murray also treats us to his new series Fear Rescue – and he starts this series off with of all children’s favourites CLOWNS!

Clowns are coming to CLOWN YOU UP!
Giant clowns loom above you, and raise their giant clown shoes to crush your head…
Snakes with clown faces slither round your ankles with a giggling hiss, and prepare to bite your feet off…
Robots with clown paint smeared on their rusty faces come clanking towards you, snapping their rusty iron fangs…

Murray also deftly slops in some pretty awful ghost jokes too. But they for me were perfect bookmarks between the stories and using these the way he does offers the reader a moment of reflection, or laughter between the stories – and I am sure that these jokes will be given a new life, and will haunt the playgrounds for many more years to come as children discover them and enjoy all that Murray has offered in this brilliant collection.

New meets old, horror meets humour and Ghost Rescue meets Fear Rescue – bring on the horror! Andrew Murray is a tremendous talent and he has a way of writing for a younger audience that is captivating and unforgettable.

You can download a copy of Children’s Ghost Stories here which is free for Kindle and all other ebook platforms.

Andrew Murray


Andrew Murray is the author of the GHOST RESCUE series of spooky adventures for Orchard. He has also written the popular BUDDY & ELVIS picture books, which are currently in TV production with Illuminated Films. The BUDDY & ELVIS pilot won Best Pilot at the Pulcinella Awards 2008. The judges praised it “For creating a rich, love-hate relationship between a cat and a dog that was touching, humorous and credible”.

Andrew has written several other children’s books, quiz books, and a range of foreign phrase bookmarks. He lives in London, and works in a bookstore which has its very own moon rocket.

Reviewed by Ross Jeffery

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