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BOOK REVIEW: Princess BMX by Marie Basting

– Short Review –

Being a princess can be pretty dull.  Even if you live in the kingdom of Biscotti and are surrounded by magical things it can become a bit samey after a while.  Princess Avariella Petulia Winifred Pandoro D’Allessandro of Biscotti is bored of racing on her sack around the palace – lucky for her that she finds a magical portal to the “Other World“.  When that portal takes her to London and a glimpse of a more exciting life, with friends, the adventures begin.
If you like the “Princess in Black” series of books by Shannon & Dean Hale you’ll really enjoy this.

– Longer Review –

The trouble with being a princess is that there are certain expectations of how you need to behave.  Life can be pretty restricted in your palace and it’s virtually impossible to make friends.  There’s no doubt about it, Princess Avariella is bored witless.
The kingdom of Biscotti is a mixture of all things fairy-tale but it may as well be a prison.  Yes she has her faithful dog and a cute microcorn to play with but she’s lonely.
When she stumbles across a portal in a fireplace she magically finds herself transported to London.  She tries to make her way to King’s Cross (looking for royal connections) but soon gets hopelessly lost.  Wandering around in attention grabbing princess regalia doesn’t help but thankfully she is rescued by Ethan and his friends when she stumbles across them at a skate park.
Galloping goblins, what they’re doing looks so exciting and, in an instant, a love of all things BMX is born.
Who though is the mysterious, onion breathed, woman who seems to know her?  Why does she keep appearing?
Ava (it’s catchier than Avariella) enjoys a halcyon period of travelling between worlds but then the mysterious woman infiltrates Biscotti.  It turns out that she’s her evil aunty that was banished some years before and is now back to take her revenge.
Suddenly it’s up to Princess BMX to save her kingdom.  With some superb biking skills and help from knights, protectors, Ethan and a handy sherbet breathing dragon battle commences.   Who will be victorious?
This book is a fabulous mix of magic and the everyday.  A testament to friendship and believing in yourself.  A proper modern fairy-tale with a princess that is waaaaaaay more than a pink dress wearing puppet.  Ava is brave, fearless and fabulous and the story ends with the tantalising prospect of more to come.
Princess BMX is published by Chicken House Books and is available here.

Marie Basting

When Marie Basting was fifteen, she was told by a careers advisor that girls like her don’t become writers. For a long time, she believed this. But then something magical happened and Marie finally came to realise that girls like her can do anything they want.

Marie lives in Manchester with her husband, son and a giant, hairy woo-dog called Polly. When she’s not writing or annoying her family, you’ll find her supporting other girls and boys to follow their writing dreams.  Princess BMX is her debut novel.


Reviewed by Angela Paull

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