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BOOK REVIEW: One Springy Day by Nick Butterworth

– Short Review –

A charming tale to celebrate 30 years of Percy the park keeper and his animal friends.  They’re all enjoying a game of hide ‘n’ seek one day but fox is struggling to find a good hiding place.  When he breaks the rules and enters Percy’s workshop he comes to a sticky end!
Beautiful illustrations complement a really sweet and timeless story, whilst giving parents the chance to get nostalgic about a character they may well remember from their own childhoods.
If you like classic children’s literature like The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr you’ll probably enjoy this.

– Longer Review –

I always think that books for younger children work particularly well when they have a theme that’s familiar to them.  How much more familiar could it be than a story set in a park with lots of animals they recognise?
It’s no wonder that Percy the park keeper is celebrating his 30th anniversary.  These tales are gentle, charming, beautifully illustrated and full of things that children adore.
In this outing Percy is playing hide ‘n’ seek with his animal friends but fox can’t find a good place to hide.  When he ventures into Percy’s workshop he realises, very quickly, why it was out of bounds!  He gets himself entangled in a spring and manages to knock over an entire shelving unit – covering himself with very sticky glue in the process.
He tries to run away but, as he has most of the contents of Percy’s workshop stuck to his fur, leaves a very obvious trail behind him.  Things go from bad to worse for poor fox when he manages to get himself well and truly stuck inside a hollow tree trunk.
With a bit of pushing and pulling his friends manage to set him free – as illustrated in an absolutely fabulous fold out page that is so detailed expect your children to linger over it for a looooong time as they talk about everything that is going on!
This truly is a timeless classic, a story that will never age and that will be as relevant in another 30 years time as it is today.  The perfect bedtime story for nostalgic parents and their children to enjoy together.

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One Springy Day is published by HarperCollinsChildren’s and is available here.

Nick Butterworth


Nick Butterworth is the author of many internationally acclaimed children’s books including ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘QPootle5’, ‘Tiger’ and ‘The Whisperer’ which won the Gold Award at the Nestle Book Awards. He is best known for his stories about Percy the Park Keeper. Nick has also presented children’s stories on television, created a cartoon strip for The Sunday Express Magazine and worked for major graphic design consultancies. He has two grown-up children, and lives with his wife in Suffolk.

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Reviewed by Angela Paull

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