500 Word Short Story

FICTION 500 Words: The Mysterious Boy by Lucas

As he climbed the steep hill, he heard an earthly wail sending a shiver down his spine. A metal foot heaved itself onto the soft, squelchy surface of the muddy soil. It echoed through his ear drums, haunting his future nightmares. It was like the undead bursting out of the ground. Seconds later, it did. Black, bony zombies with orange flashes pouring off them like blood. Rapiers being gripped in their palms.

His clothes were sodden. A low din echoed through the trees.

A burst of black sparks erupted from the ground. Noise surrounded him. A mix of grunts and clangs filled his ear drums. All of the metal objects were holding rapiers that were visibly moulding. Then they started falling like they had been shot in the back. Then he just stood there, breath baited.

Jack was an ordinary ten year old, loved video games, went to school, but a few years ago, on holiday to The Alps, he fell off his ski cart landing on a pile of soft, white snow – never to be seen again.

After that, he was forced to survive in the forests of Switzerland. He had brown hair that spiked up at the front. He had scratches, cuts, bruises and mud all over his body. Jack had been on the news and a search team had come out to find him but they hadn’t succeeded.

Jack had an older brother and two younger sisters. His youngest sister hadn’t been born before Jack had fallen and the oldest sister had only been 1 and his brother was 5. Now he was fighting robots.

Just after the robots had fallen, a black figure had appeared from behind an oak tree. A mask covered his face and he was holding a gun. Then as soon as he was there he was gone, turned to thin air.

Jack sat up. Sweat dripping from his face. He looked to his left and saw his clock, it said it was 6:10 in the morning, he was lying in a comfortable, soft, cosy bed with a light flickering in front of him. Jack got out of his bed and started wandering out towards the light. When he saw where the light was coming from it made his jaw drop.

It came from his home’s landing. All was silent. Then he saw it. It was black but he couldn’t make out who or what it was. All he knew was it was thing that would change his life.


This story came from a workshop held by STORGY Kids at a Primary School – the talent of these young minds was so inspiring that we couldn’t not showcase some of their work on STORGY Kids – because at the end of the day, this is what we aim to do, inspire the next generation of writers!


My name is Lucas. I am nine, I will be ten soon! I like football, gaming and reading. My favourite book at the moment is Alex Rider: Point Blanc.

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