500 Word Short Story

FICTION 500 Words: Super Bob by Zaara

Bob is an ordinary jellyfish in an ordinary school. One day, Bob was watching the kids play football and asked Lucy and Josh if he could play. They said “No!” Bob was confused why he could not play. They yelled “You can’t play because you’re ugly, smelly and a yellow jellyfish!” Lucy Boomed “And we do not like yellow jellyfishes, go away!”

Bob was upset and started to cry an ocean of water.

He wandered off to the park and he cried all the way home.

He went to his ivory coloured bed and he could not sleep. First, his cushion was hard and unconformable then too soft. So, he decided to write a speech to tell them it did not matter about the colour of his skin. So he knuckled down and wrote a speech and it was ready in the morning.

His speech said

“It does not matter what colour or gender or how you look. Small, tall or having a disability, we are all equal. We need more equality in this Jelly Town. We should be able to do what we want to do without being judged by other jellyfishes, and be free in this world. Jelly Town needs to be the best city in Jelly World and we will start with kindness and we will work our way up! Thank you for listening’.

The next day, Bob asked the head teacher if he could say his speech in assembly. “OK” Mr Morris said “And also it will inspire other little jellyfishes.”

Mr Morris was a very kind jellyfish. So Bob gave the speech to everyone in the school.

Everyone seemed so intrigued by his speech. Bob was extremely happy. Lucy and Josh were really sorry and asked if Bob wanted to play and everyone lived kindly ever after and Jelly Town was simply the best!


This story came from a workshop held by STORGY Kids at a Primary School – the talent of these young minds was so inspiring that we couldn’t not showcase some of their work on STORGY Kids – because at the end of the day, this is what we aim to do, inspire the next generation of writers!


My name is Zaara. I am 10 years old. I love cats. My cat is called Misty. I have a sister called Iqra – she’s my best friend and we play together. My favourite book ever is the Gruffulo – I can’t stop reading it!

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