500 Word Short Story

FICTION 500 Words: Playing God by Enzo

Screams filled the air.

Tim woke in a sweat; his bed sheets were soaked through. Struggling for breath, he jumped out of bed and crawled to the window. His mouth dropped to his knees. A barricade was set in front of his window army personal marched up and down the road. Guns loaded, they took their battle stations. Suddenly, a loud bang came from across the street. He spun around to see mock battle field of plastic soldiers strewn around his room. He picked up one of the plastic soldiers and started to play with it. Screams cried from outside. Tim jumped up and headed to the window but there wasn’t anything wrong. This time he held the soldier and looked out the window. With an open mouth he saw a soldier outside dangling in mid-air. He was controlling them, they were his toys!

The idea dawned on him that he was in charge of the army. A rifle shot at Tim’s window, he ducked in an instant. He waited with bated breath. He peeked out of the titchy window. An army was marching up towards the barricades. Tim rushed outside, forgetting his plastic soldiers. As he emerged from his house a Sargent came stomping up to him.

“Please leave the area sir” he shouted, with a musky, old voice. His wrinkles shook as he spoke. Listlessly, he dragged his body back to bed.

When he entered his room he picked up a plastic Sargent and threw him across the room. Suddenly, gun fire blasted of in the distance, mustard gas was being launched into no man’s land. A soldier with a wind struck face appeared at the window.

“Sir please come with me you have been permitted to leave the safe- house,” he snapped. A torrent of Tim’s blond, wispy hair whipped round his spotty face in the wind. The soldier went quiet and then collapsed. Blood dripped from his khaki uniform.

He then remembered about the other soldiers. Maybe he could control the other army. Tim threw the whole army off their feet and back to where they came from. He realised the power he held inside himself to make choices for the people in need. He climbed back into bed and thought to himself was I dreaming or not?


This story came from a workshop held by STORGY Kids at a Primary School – the talent of these young minds was so inspiring that we couldn’t not showcase some of their work on STORGY Kids – because at the end of the day, this is what we aim to do, inspire the next generation of writers!


Hi my name is Enzo and I am 10. I love to swim and do sports, some of my favourite books are Pax by Sara Pennypacker and Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz.

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