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BOOK REVIEW: Ghost Rescue and the Greedy Gorgonzolas by Andrew Murray

– Short Review –

This book is the second book in the fabulous Ghost Rescue series by Andrew Murray and we follow Charlie as his new found website Ghost Rescue gets its first email for help. So Charlie and his merry crew of Ghosts head off to help rescue Lola Gorgonzola from being pestered by her family after her death for all her money – they won’t let her rest and now it is up to Charlie and his crack team of Ghost Rescue to save the day! Oh and there is some pizza along the way! This series is aimed at 6-11 year olds and is great for reluctant readers; the books are engaging, funny and have been fabulous illustrated by Sarah Horne with a childlike quality that compliment the stories wonderful charm.

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– Long Review –

Ghost Rescue and the Greedy Gorgonzolas is the second book by author Andrew Murray in the Ghost Rescue series. We join the story as Charlie is coming to terms with his house full of Ghosts that he rescued from Fairfax Castle and that now reside with him and his family.

At the end of Ghost Rescue we discover that Charlie has set up a website called ‘Ghost Rescue’ to help save other trapped, imprisoned or persecuted ghosts that may be out there in the world. Luckily these ghosts know how to use a computer and the lovely Lola Gorgonzola makes contact with the group to ask for help, to get away from the barrage of questions she is suffering from her family – who are greedy for her life savings, that she buried in the garden before she died!

Lola tells Charlie that they are so greedy that she can’t have a moments peace, they keep summoning her and ordering her to tell them where the loot is stashed, so they can take it all and spend it on things that won’t last. Charlie has a plan though and with his Ghost pals decides to play a trick on the family to help rid Lola of their constant pestering. But, as we soon discover there is a huge pizza with Charlie’s name on it, well actually it says only for a special occasion, but Charlies hungry so he starts to tuck in – whilst the greedy Gorgonzolas are out looking for the loot with a fake make Charlie made…little does he know that the pizza is actually a map to where the real buried treasure is. So how will the team find the treasure now the key piece of the map is in Charlies stomach, will the greedy Gorgonzolas want to get their own back when they discover they have been tricked, and how will the team free Lola from this horrid rabble…you’ll have to get the book to find out!

This series by Andrew Murray is wonderful, such a great concept that will have reluctant readers engaged from the outset – I enjoyed it myself as it was almost like a children’s version of Ghost Busters (who doesn’t like that!). Written in a very witty way, easy to read way; with artwork that compliments the story – each page is a delight to digest, and as always the magic of a book is always discovered when read with a child…my daughter absolutely loved this one and can’t wait to read more of the series! Murray and Horne have done a fabulous job at bringing these characters to life, Murray with his story and words and Horne with her unique illustrations – the pair have created characters that stick in your brain and make you buy into the series…the Gorgonzolas are horrid people and my daughter said that they reminded her of The Twits and Matilda’s Parents…not a bad compliment Mr. Murray, not bad at all!

If you have children that struggle to sit down and read, or have concentration spans the size of a gnat’s pocket (one of my daughters fits into this category) then these books are perfect, they are short but perfectly formed, Murray’s writing is engaging, witty and will pull them into a story and world that is a real joy to venture in…oh and its a series so many more books and adventures to discover along the way.

Ghost Rescue and the Greedy Gorgonzolas is published by Orchard Books to find out more about Ghost Rescue click here.


Andrew Murray


Andrew Murray is the author of the GHOST RESCUE series of spooky adventures for Orchard. He has also written the popular BUDDY & ELVIS picture books, which are currently in TV production with Illuminated Films. The BUDDY & ELVIS pilot won Best Pilot at the Pulcinella Awards 2008. The judges praised it “For creating a rich, love-hate relationship between a cat and a dog that was touching, humorous and credible”.

Andrew has written several other children’s books, quiz books, and a range of foreign phrase bookmarks. He lives in London, and works in a bookstore which has its very own moon rocket.

Reviewed by Ross Jeffery

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